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What Are AFTERBURN Workouts?

What if you could finally shed those unwanted pounds and start feeling confident and healthy again? What if you could do it in half the time at a fraction of what it would cost at a “big box gym”?


Whenever you see people in line for something at the gym, you should generally avoid what they’re doing. Nothing lacks intensity more than long, plodding aerobic workouts. Here’s what’s worse: slow runs that last longer than 30 minutes stimulate the wrong hormones—cortisol, for example, a muscle-wasting hormone that might take bites from your lean muscle.


Most people run on the treadmill thinking that long-duration exercise is the best way to burn fat. Yes, you do burn mostly fat (not carbs) when you do low-intensity work. Logically, burning fat while working out seems like the right thing to do.


However, using fat as your primary training energy source can be limiting. When you hop off the treadmill, you also stop burning fat. Why? Because low-intensity exercise doesn’t raise your metabolism as dramatically as high-intensity exercise does.


Elevating your metabolic rate is the key to burning body fat! The secret is not to burn fat while you are working out, but after you’ve worked out.


In other words, you want to use stored carbs as your primary source during the workout, then burn fat when you’re done. And the only way to use carbs as your energy source is to train intensely and raise your resting metabolic rate. When you do intense work at near maximum capacity, your heart rate soars.


When you’re done with your workout and your body begins returning to its normal resting metabolic rate, it burns fat to recover since you’ve exhausted stored carbs during your workout. Understand that it takes a lot of energy and a lot of calories for your resting metabolism to return to “normal.”


What’s this mean? More fat torched. And the best thing about EPOC is that your body will stay in fat-burning mode for up to 48 hours!

I could go on and on about the numerous benefits of our program and how it will impact your life, but honestly…


Photo: Scott Webb @scottwebb

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