Group Training

We offer classes that are designed to be challenging but fun so you can stay motivated throughout your entire session. And with our app, you can train anytime on the go!

Why Group Training?

Group training is a great way to find the motivation and community you need to meet your fitness goals. You'll be surrounded by people who will push you, cheer for your progress, and motivate you when it gets rough. It's a great way to stay on track with your fitness goals and connect with new people.


You'll never feel alone or not know what the next step is because we're always here for you. We're not just about getting fit, we're about living well, with purpose and meaning.


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Fitness Covered From Every Angle

Our group fitness classes cover a variety of training methods to keep you excited for each new day. No more bored cardio and no more stale weight lifting routines.


Continuous improvement through a variety of new and exciting challenges. Reach your personal goals and crush some you didn't even know were possible


A network of support to help motivate and drive you to your fitness goals. Our gym is like a family and we thrive on building each other up and cheering each other on.

Anytime + Anywhere

Have to miss a class? No sweat! with the 360 Fitness mobile training app you can take your workouts with you and stay consistently moving toward your goal.

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