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Your guide to the most common group fitness classes in Keller Texas

group fitness training in Keller, Texas

You may have heard that group fitness classes are an ideal way to workout. An expert instructor leads group training; the people around you will help boost your motivation and all you need to do is show up at the gym. What’s there not to love?

Nevertheless, when surfing the internet for a boutique studio class, or one look at your gym’s online session, you might find yourself scratching your head. Kickboxing? What’s that? Is it just boxing, or with, uh, kicking? And Body Pump? Is that a thing? You may have also heard the word “Pilates” thrown around and you begin to wonder, what exactly happens in those classes?

We at 360 fitness gym know and understand you have questions, so we’re breaking down a few of the most common group fitness classes that we see everywhere, even in Keller Texas, these days.


Unlike cardio classes with high-intensity, Pilate places focus on small controlled movements with the aim to stretch tone and strengthen muscles. Pilates classes usually occur in two ways: Reformer Pilates and mat Pilates. Reformer Pilates refers to the Reformer machine, which athletes can fasten themselves into and use the various springs and pulleys to create greater resistance.

On the other hand, mat Pilates, as its name suggests, simply means Pilates done on a mat. This is the most common type of Pilates class around. You can expect to be on the floor for much of the workout session. However, both class types are fashioned by repeating small body movements in a slow and controlled manner to tighten and tone your muscles.


Yoga is a quite popular group fitness class in Keller Texas; hence, you may already know the deal. Yoga usually takes place on a mat, with class duration ranging from 30 -90 minutes. Yoga places its focus on flexibility, breath control, balance, and coordination. However, Yoga is not a one-size-shoe-fit-all. It is a diverse practice with many different types.

When you visit personal fitness gyms and studios centers in Keller Texas, you discover that Bikram Yoga is something they share in common. This type of Yoga is often practiced in a room of 90 to 105 degrees for an extra burn. It’s typically referred to as “hot Yoga”.

Don’t be surprised when you see gyms and training centers in Keller Texas listing different skill levels within Yoga classes; since advanced classes tremendously differ from beginners’ classes, you may want to ensure you select one that is appropriate for you.


boxing and kickboxing in Keller, Texas

Kickboxing is another cardio-based workout that focuses on choreographed movements like jab, punches, uppercuts, kicks, crosses, knee strikes and more such as martial art techniques. This workout activity is considered a high-intensity fitness, hence warm up sessions and cool down sessions are held before main workout classes.

Unlike conventional boxing activities, kickboxing involves zero physical contact. Most moves are occasionally done against a weighted bag or in the air. Remembering moves and techniques requires intense concentration and focus, leading to a surprising mental component of kickboxing. Perfect for those looking for a class to get them in the zone.


Zumba is fun to do. It is a dance-based, aerobic-focused class created by a Colombian choreographer and dancer. Most swings and moves are performed to Latin American songs because Zumba is Latin American-dance inspired. Dances performed in Zumba group fitness classes come with a wide range of styles – from salsa, to tango, and hip-hop – however, this is not an advanced dance class. All moves to be made in each class are demonstrated ahead of time and typically kept simple.

Classes generally last for about an hour, but most participants often swear they forget they’re working out because Zumba is so much fun!


These exercise classes have grown in popularity over the years, especially as boutique fitness studios, like 360 fitness, pop up in cities across the country. This fitness routine involves active pedaling on a fixed bike, while an expert guides you through different positions, speeds, and resistance, often in tune to an energetic bass-pumping music. Cycling or Spin, as it is popularly called, is also a cardio-based class.

cycle and spin class in Keller, Texas

Your conventional gym center, fitness studio, or group training classes in Keller Texas should make provisions for little “cages” on the bikes’ pedal for your feet. This will prevent you from having the need to purchase special pedaling shoes for your workout routine. You can call the gym operators ahead of time to confirm. Once you get to the gym to commence your group fitness training in Keller Texas, it is the duty of the instructor to help adjust the bike for you. However, it is important to note that most gyms require members to reserve a bike ahead of the group training class.

Boot Camp

Boot camp group fitness classes are pretty much certain to leave you huffing and puffing because they’re a rigorous, military-inspired, workout. This group fitness class combines strength and cardio moves for a complete-body burn. However, activity-specifics vary by gyms.

Regardless, a boot camp workout is extremely tough and an amazing way to propel yourself to the next level!

Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic fitness classes are also known as “water aerobics” or “aqua fit” for short. Most classes revolve around the same idea of low impact workouts performed in a pool, and it is relatively the same across most fitness centers in Keller Texas. You will normally be in water that is waist-deep, while engaging in vertical, resistance-based, exercises.

Water-friendly dumbbells are often used to maximize your gains; hence, most of this resistance will come from the water itself. If you’re battling a joint problem, injury or muscle strain, then this group fitness class is ideal for you. Swimwear, swim shoes and swim caps may be required for this type of workout.


Another popular group fitness class, in Keller Texas, is Barre. This group class is ballet-inspired and comes with a mixture of Yoga, dance, and Pilates. Small-weighted balls and hand weights can be incorporated into the workout class. Barre places focus on small controlled movements with the aim to tone, sculpt, and strengthen your muscles.

This workout is a complete-body workout hence, it is normal to find yourself shaking and quivering at the end of every group workout session. Music is present in every Barre group workout class, and the first few classes may be difficult.

Body Pump

If you meet a barbell in a body-pump class, just know it’s for delivering strength and conditioning. Most fitness instructors will recommend using a lightweight barbell so you can perform a high number of repetitions.

Sometimes this class is called body power or body works. Not every workout center refers to the class as “body pump”.

In Body Pump fitness classes, you can expect to perform moves like deadlifts, cleans, bicep curls, and squats to upbeat, energetic music. Most gyms in Keller Texas, such as 360 fitness gym in Keller Texas, allows you to choose your weight, hence this class is appropriate for weight lifting enthusiasts, and vets. Cardio workouts are also performed in body pump classes. Therefore, if weight loss is listed among your fitness goals, you may consider enrolling in a body pump group class.

These are some group fitness classes you may consider joining when you hit the gym in Keller Texas, or one near you. Every group fitness class always has an instructor who stands at the front of the group to demonstrate each move, and in turn, monitors the participants to ensure no one is injured or going off-track.

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