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No Sweat Intro

Dedication to Service and a Mission of Excellence

Attending a one on one fitness consultation with an experienced coach is one of the most effective ways to start achieving your fitness goals. It provides an opportunity to develop a personalized plan tailored to individual needs, allowing you to make sustainable changes and reach your desired outcomes. During this type of consult, the coach will discuss your current lifestyle and habits, nutrition and exercise history, overall health objectives and individual challenges. The coach will also have the chance to evaluate your physical abilities in order to determine appropriate activities and intensity levels. After assessing these factors, they will work with you to create a program that suits your personal preferences, health status and timeline for success. With the help of an expert coach, you can learn how to set realistic fitness goals based on features such as achievable milestones or short/long term proactive strategies. This professional guidance allows for ongoing accountability, support and motivation as you progress towards your desired results. For example, if you are looking to reduce your body fat percentage or increase muscle definition, the coach can provide helpful advice about how many times per week you should be exercising (including types of exercises), what dietary adjustments might be necessary in order to get optimal results or even help identify any potential underlying medical issues that could be blocking progress. In addition to creating custom plans based on individual needs, a good coach will continually monitor progress while providing constructive feedback throughout each stage of development. All this means that not only will you have access to comprehensive education and advice on topics related to achieving goals efficiently but also have someone who understands where you’re coming from and is dedicated to helping you reach them safely without compromising well-being.

Free 1 on 1 Consult With a Fitness Expert

  • 30 minutes
  • 360 Fitness DFW

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give 24 hour notice before session.

Contact Details

  • 360 Fitness DFW, Sports Parkway, Keller, TX, USA


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