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How Boxing Training Can Improve Your Health

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If you’re in search of an awesome full body workout that improves cardio and builds muscle, then search no more. The fitness and health benefits of boxing are fantastic! Aside from keeping your fitness level at its peak, the psychological benefits of boxing are astonishing. Not to mention the feeling you get after going at it for multiple rounds with a punch bag.

Boxing is well known as a top-tier, all-around-exercise. If executed professionally and safely at a boxing gym, or boxing classes in Keller, Texas you will reap the rewards!

Do I have to enter the ring?

No! You don’t have to get in a boxing ring before you box. Boxing is a sport open for anyone to participate in and that makes a significant difference. We realize that not everyone wants to fight other people for the fun of it, not to mention taking a few ‘headshots’ can undeniably hurt your brain.

Gone are the days where boxing was an action strictly open to those who followed in Rocky’s path. These days you can box for fun and get engaged in all the training that accompanies boxing.

Texas boxing group fitness boxing classes in Keller, Texas now offer trainees a huge range of fitness activities that incorporate the modus operandi of boxing to ensure an excellent workout – without a broken nose of course. Ladies shouldn’t shy away from boxing – it is not an activity designed for men only. Even 360 Fitness Gym Keller recommends boxing for women, as it tends to do wonders in improving all the important muscles of the body.

boxing fitness training keller, texas

It will interest you to know that the Victoria’s secret model, Adriana Lima, uses boxing exercises to keep fit! Boxercise, Thai Kickboxing, BoxFit, Body Combat, and Cardio Kickboxing are just the tip of the iceberg of different boxing activities you can do. Jump on 360 Fitness Gym Keller, Texas and search for your nearby boxing workout!

What are the fitness and health benefits of boxing workouts?

The benefits that accompany boxing are somewhat numerous; they go a long way in keeping your body and mind healthy as can be.

Boxing as a sport activity requires an extraordinary level of athletic aptitude: speed, strength, power, endurance, agility, nerve, and hand-eye coordination, just to name a few of the required elements of boxing. But, don’t feel intimidated! Boxing will enable even the average person to hone these same athletic skills, all without having to take a blow.

If getting in shape and improving your health is a goal for you, then you might just want to register for a membership at your local boxing gym, a fitness boxing class in Keller or at 360 Fitness Gym Keller. Here, we will discuss some of the many reasons why!

Benefits of Boxing Fitness Training:

  • Full body conditioning

Boxing is highly recommended for improving body conditioning and composition – and some might even recommend it for weight loss too. Personally, we don’t promote “weight loss” because it does not send the right message about health goals. In the long run, if you want to shed some weight, you will really need to improve your body composition – increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat mass.

If you’re looking for an activity that will help improve your body composition and conditioning, then boxing is an incredible mechanism for that. It seamlessly integrates calorie-touching bouts of cardio and muscle-building strength training. If you stay consistent in the boxing program organized by any fitness boxing class in Keller, Texas and following a nutritious meal plan, you are bound to see changes in your body shape and body-fat percentage. And if you’re hoping to receive a pat on the back from your bathroom weight scale, you’re likely to receive it, as there would be changes in your weight as well.

  • Cardiovascular improvements

You need to do some cardiovascular exercises to guard yourself from heart-related diseases, maintain weight, and burn calories”. I bet you have heard this before now. However, “doing cardiovascular activity” doesn’t necessarily mean hopping on a treadmill – uh, how boring that is.

The primary goal of cardio is placing a modest amount of stress on your lungs and heart so that they are challenged to make physiologic adaptations to support the increased level of physical activity. Although the way you chose to do your cardio is up to you, we still recommend boxing. It helps keep your heart rate up during workout, and as long as those rates are high, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping, kicking, and punching your way to good health at your local gym or Texas boxing group fitness boxing classes in Keller, Texas.

Boxing requires you to often move around and stay light on your feet, giving your heart and lungs a workout. Also, cardio is vital in controlling things such as blood pressure, reaching a lower resting heart rate, and circumventing many types of heart-related disease.

  • Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

One may easily overlook the importance of hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination plays a vital role in one’s fine and gross motor skills. Individuals with good hand-eye coordination tend to possess rapid reaction times and reflexes. In addition, they are perceived to have better physical coordination in total.

Boxing helps enhance one’s eye-hand coordination. How? When tasked with punching a speed bag, you need to be able to sight the target, react accordingly, and hit the target; all while the target is in motion and fluctuating it’s position. The truth is, it’s not easy, but with practice, your hand to eye coordination improves significantly.

  • Mental Capacity (Stress Relief, Aggression Control)

As the popular saying goes, “violence is not always the answer”. However, when it comes to getting rid of rage, or relieving stress, a couple of right hooks and left uppercuts will beyond doubt, elevate your mood.

The physical intensity that accompanies boxing is a good reason experts consider it a stress reliever. Exercising at increased rates is shown to help relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Plus, it makes people feel happier as their mood tends to lighten up.

  • Enjoyment of training

Besides a couple rounds at your local boxing gym, other combat classes involving boxing are available. For example, there’s “Blaze” (HIIT training that syndicates cardio training with boxing, strength, and martial arts skills). While 360 Fitness Gym in Keller runs 30-minute and 50-minute lunchtime classes suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

What are the mental benefits of boxing fitness workout?

boxing fitness classes near me

There are innumerable mental benefits of boxing – it will not only train and condition your body, but will train your mind too.

  • As you workout, you tend to improve skills and use your brain and memory to guide yourself through the path of various boxing techniques during circuits.

  • Boxing helps you unleash your fury and frustrations on inanimate punching bags. It helps you avoid taking stress home.

  • Looking for some self-esteem and confidence? Boxing is well known to instill these into participants.

  • After the death of Prince Harry’s mother, he found solace in boxing. Those were tough times; however, he found a brilliant way to release aggression by engaging in boxing activities. “...I was on the verge of punching someone; so being able to punch someone who had pads was certainly easier”. Boxing is a brilliant anger management tool.

Final Words

It may seem crazy to think a workout can yield all of these benefits. Keep in mind boxing fitness routines are often intense in order to help one develop a good level of athletic stamina and strength. If I stay in Texas to enroll with good Texas boxing group fitness boxing classes in Keller, Texas or had a boxing gym within a 15-minute drive of my place of residence, I’d enroll in a heartbeat.

Boxing is one of the most concise, active ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health, plus, it’s a bag of fun too. Many people actually purchase a heavy bag and some boxing gloves, just so they can incorporate boxing into their regular home workout…

If you’re also planning to do the same, it is best to take a few classes at any Texas boxing class in Keller or with 360 Fitness Gym Keller before transitioning to do workouts at home. Working with a trainer can also offer you safety skills essential to help maintain a safe home boxing workout, and good series of exercises you can take on.

So dust those gloves, be ready for a whole lot of sweat, and let’s start jabbing, ducking, and punching!

Now you are enlightened on the fitness and health benefits of boxing. If this has made you want to throw some punches and jabs, get a good training session in Keller, Texas with 360 Fitness Gym Keller or contact them directly at

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